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VAPT is a process in which the IT infrastructure consisting of computers, networks, servers, operating systems, and application software are scanned in order to identify the presence of known and unknown vulnerabilities. The tests have different strengths and are often combined to achieve a complete Vulnerability Analysis. Vulnerability assessment tools discover which vulnerabilities are present, but they do not differentiate between flaws that can be exploited to cause damage and those that cannot. Vulnerability scanners alert companies to the preexisting flaws in their code and where they are located. Penetration tests attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities in the system to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible and identify which flaws pose a threat to the application under test. Penetration tests find exploitable flaws and measure the severity of each.

Application Testing

Web applications are very enticing to corporations. They provide quick access to corporate resources; user-friendly interfaces, and deployment to remote users is effortless. For the very same reasons, web applications can be a serious security risk to the corporation. Unauthorized users can find the same benefits: “quick access,” “user-friendly,” and “effortless” access to corporate data. TERASOFT TECHNOLOGIES, with a manageable tool for planning, implementing, and maintaining good cyber security at affordable cost, and we are on a mission to unremittingly protect businesses from cyber-attacks and provide services that are aimed at meeting the rapidly changing cyber security environment where evolving cybercrimes are manipulating the environment. Through our tools and services, we hold capabilities to secure and ensure your enterprise's business security. We believe the best defense is a good offense.


Functional testing is a quality assurance (QA) process and a type of black-box testing that bases its test cases on the specifications of the software component under test. Functionalities are tested by feeding them input and examining the output, and internal program structure is rarely considered (unlike in white-box testing). Functional Testing usually describes what the system does. Specifically, Functional Testing covers the following focus areas: - Mainline functionality - Error conditions - Recovery - Basic usability - Accessibility - Global enablement - Vulnerability - Regression


Compliance with GIGW ensures that a website is user-centric, usable, & universally accessible at all stages: starting from launch, continuing during its operations &maintenance. GIGW promotes standards that are broadly placed in three categories: advisory, mandatory, & voluntary. Mandatory standards are the minimum criteria that every website MUST meet; advisory standards are the guidelines that websites SHOULD endeavor to comply with; & voluntary standards are those which websites MAY adopt based on their discretion. GIGW Compliance matrix provides a checklist of 68 mandatory guidelines/checkpoints. The majority of these checkpoints relate to the front end of the website (accessibility, identity, content, and design) while others relate to backend policies, processes and plans to enable better management of websites.


Cyber security is the protection of a far-flung piece of informational equity through the menace that can put the information at risk. As a higher number of enterprises are being automated and there are a large number of computer systems used, which store all its vital information assets. Cybersecurity is seen as a critical factor in the success and survivability of any enterprise. Despite their best efforts and investments some organizations still experience exposure to potential cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity should be organized as a continuous process of identifying vulnerabilities, threats, and related risks. It is a recognized concern and growing priority for all big and small enterprises risk evaluation, risk management, and determining their probability and impact on the enterprise business goals must be kept an eye on.